What you have told us

LGBT Youth Scotland’s Service User Review (SUR) was delivered at National Gathering (youth conference event) in Stirling on Sunday 19th August 2012. This Service User Review focused on evaluating LGBT Youth Scotland’s online and social media work. The Service User Review session was attended by 84young people from across Scotland. The Service User Review session its-self was broken into 4 core exercises; these included visual arts exercises, yes/no question exercises, a reporter style focus group and a survey. Below are some key findings from the research gathered during the Service User Review project 2012.

Key findings:

Strengths of LGBT Youth Scotland’s online and social media services

  • Facebook: 98.8% like that some staff have work profiles so they can directly communicate with them online
  • 60% of respondents stated that they frequently receive a text, facebook message or email from LGBT Youth Scotland
  • LGBT Youth Scotland’s new website – more colorful, engaging and young people really liked the ‘hide me’ function
  • 95% of young people who have used the online outreach support service said that they would recommend this service to others
  • Twitter engagement and using hashtags at LGBT Youth Scotland events and projects


Areas for development 

  • Online advertising of local groups and services. 75% of young people thought their local group/service wasn’t advertised well online
  • More information and advice on the website – including sexual health, ‘coming out’, self-harm and life-skills (such as managing your money)
  • Staff contact section on the website could be more informative and interactive
  • Young people to be more involved in contributing to social media posts and social media work
  • Text service numbers are not always up-to-date (this included young people not providing updated mobile numbers and also young people not receiving this service after they have updated their number with their local service).  Some areas are not using this service to communicate with young people
  • 59.2% stated that they have never visited LGBT Youth Scotland’s YouTube channel
  • 70% of young people think that LGBT Youth Scotland should have a Tumblr account


Additional considerations

  • 39.3% of young people said that they spend more than 8 hours online each day
  • 46.4% stated they spend more than 14 hours per week on social networking sites alone
  • Although young people stated that the new website is a vast improvement, 57% thought LGBT Youth Scotland could do more to make it more youth friendly
  • 75% stated that they ‘liked’ LGBT Youth Scotland on facebook
  • 59% said that they don’t follow LGBT Youth Scotland on Twitter