Scottish Youth Parliament

Scottish Youth Parliament

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) is a specific parliament established for young people aged across Scotland. It was first established on the 30th of June 1999 making it one day older than the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) is the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people. They are a young people’s parliament, designed by young people and led by young people for the benefit of young people. They are committed to ensuring young people are heard by the decision makers of Scotland and they are determined to campaign on the issues which matter most to Scotland’s young people.

SYP is made up of MSYPs (Members of Scottish Youth Parliament) who are young people aged 14-25 who are elected and represent their constituencies in 32 local authorities throughout the country. MSYPs can also be elected to represent the needs of different marginalised groups of young people through organisational membership to SYP. This helps to ensure that these young people’s specific needs are better understood, debated and hopefully acted upon by the members of SYP to bring about change.

LGBT Youth Scotland has organisational membership to SYP to ensure LGBT young people’s needs across Scotland are listened to.  Currently we have two elected MSYPs, Michael Scott Gowan and James Thomson, who consult with LGBT young people across Scotland and ensure that other MSYPs and key decision makers are aware of how they can improve things for LGBT young people across Scotland.

You can email your local MSYP for your local constituency or one of the LGBT Youth Scotland MSYPs here

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