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Our story - Queensferry High School

Queensferry High School were awarded the Bronze LGBT Charter award in 2019.

"Our focus was on promoting our support for the LGBT community in school while also addressing the wider equalities agenda. It was important for us to improve our knowledge in this area so that we continued to be an inclusive practice school.    

One of our priorities was supporting our trans young people and, in particular, improving our understanding of the use of gender pronouns. The level of training we received was fantastic and staff became more confident in their approach. Our staff are very passionate about getting it right for all young people and ensuring they feel well supported in their learning and wellbeing. Pupils commented that they felt increasingly safe, nurtured, included and respected in school.

We are actively changing attitudes and there is a strong culture in school of celebrating difference and diversity. Our school surroundings are more inclusive and reflect our core values of respect, commitment, responsibility, ambition, support, honesty and fairness. The environment is warm, friendly and visibly supportive of the LGBT community and staff wear their rainbow lanyards proudly. Young people positively encourage one another to support LGBT events such as Purple Friday, LGBT History Month and Anti-Bullying week. We have thoroughly enjoyed our LGBT Charter journey so far."

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