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The LGBT Charter for Schools

The LGBT Schools Charter is a straightforward way to ensure your school proactively includes LGBT people.

The programme has been developed to support your school to undertake training and review policies, practice and resources to make sure that you're not only meeting legislative needs but are as inclusive as you can be.

You will be guided through the programme with the help of our expert facilitators, step by step LGBT Charter workbook and your dedicated Charter Manager who will be there to advise you throughout the process.

Being awarded our LGBT Charter enables you to send a positive message, with confidence, that your school is a champion of LGBT inclusion where LGBT staff and learners will be safe, supported and included. The LGBT Charter makes a clear statement that equality and diversity are at the heart of your school.

  • Queensferry High School

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Sponsor a school

Is your company looking to make an impact in your local community?

Are you interested in helping to make Scotland the best place for LGBT young people to grow up?

The LGBT Charter improves schools’ knowledge and confidence to challenge prejudice and proactively create an inclusive environment where LGBT people are valued.

The programme supports schools to achieve equity in education and reduce barriers to learning for LGBT young people benefitting both the school and wider community.

If your company is interested in creating an inclusive environment where employees can bring their whole selves to work why not extend that experience and look to your future employees. Sponsor your local school to complete the LGBT Charter and make an impact on your community both now and in the future.

From as little as £850 you could sponsor a school you already work with or we can match you up with schools that are keen to start their LGBT Charter journey but need a helping hand.

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