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The LGBT Charter for Organisations

The LGBT Charter for Organisations is a straightforward programme that enables your organisation to proactively include LGBT people in every aspect of your work, protecting your staff and providing high quality service to your customers or service users.

The programme has been developed to support your organisation to undertake training and review policies, practice and resources to make sure that you're not only meeting legislative needs but are as inclusive as you can be.

You will be guided through the programme with the help of our expert facilitators, step by step LGBT Charter workbook and your dedicated Charter Manager who will be there to advise you throughout the process.

Being awarded our LGBT Charter enables you to send a positive message, with confidence, that your organisation is a champion of LGBT inclusion where LGBT employees, customers, or service users will be safe, supported and included. The LGBT Charter makes a clear statement that equality and diversity are at the heart of your organisation.

Please note: The duration of LGBT Charter accreditation will be 3 years for new Charter clients from 1st October 2023. This will not affect any existing Charter clients. We have implemented this change in line with several funding cycles and policy review timelines across sectors and following feedback from existing awardees. The 3-year cycle will create opportunities for organisations to renew and refresh their training, policies and practice at more regular intervals, to reflect evolving policy and staff turnover across this time period.

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