Time For T.E.A.

The Campaign

The LGBT National Youth Council is running the 'Time For T.E.A.' campaign, which aims to raise awareness of transgender identities in Scottish Education. This is the first transgender education campaign aimed at Scottish Education. The 'T.E.A.' in the campaign title stands for Transgender Education Awareness, and the LGBT NYC believes that it is time it is included within educational teaching.


We would like to see gender identiy and expression included in educational teaching and ensure that young people feel able to support their young transgender friends.


Young people are being supported to promote transgender education resources. If you are a teacher, youth worker or a young person, we will be developing workshops for you to use in sessions. 

Young people are empowering their peers to shout out it is 'Time For T.E.A.' by taking part in a photo pledge. You can support this campaign by submitting your own photo pledge and helping to spread the message that it is 'Time For T.E.A.' We have a teapot template to help you with this - download in Word of PDF.



Vist our 'It's Time For T.E.A.' photo album on the LGBT NYC Facebook page.

Email: nyc@lgbtyouth.org.uk


Read our press release about the video launch.

The Times Educational Supplement Scotland published the exclusive first look at the video and campaign.