Services should respond to the needs of the whole community. Support your organisation to think about equality and diversity.

Looking for training?

Is your service fully inclusive of LGBT young people? Our wide range of training courses can increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of your staff team. Pick from set courses or speak to us directly about bespoke training.  

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Want to improve your services for LGBT people?

Unsure where to start? The LGBT Charter of Rights is a straightforward way to ensure your organisation or department is proactively including LGBT people in your service.

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Many professional roles involve supporting young people directly. If you need some advice or guidance about how to best support a young person who identifies as L, G, B or T, or is unsure about their sexual orientation or gender identity, click here.

Do you want resources to help you in your work?

We have lots of resources available to buy and download which can be found on this page.