Life in Scotland for LGBT Young People: Education Report is the biggest survey of its kind, with 350 respondents aged 13-25 answering a range of questions about their experiences of being LGB or T in educational establishments.  Uniquely, the report also asked young people how they felt educational establishments could combat bullying and a range of recommendations are presented in the report.

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Information about our youth services

promotiong good practice

Promoting Good Practice was a project carried out in Scotland, funded by the European Commission DG Justice.  The project was delivered in partnership with Legebitra – a Slovenian LGBT organisation.  The project aimed to make EU member states more confident to develop strategies to combat homophobia within education settings. We delivered research and scoping work, before disseminating this at an international conference held in Edinburgh in April 2011. The research and strategic report which were produced as part of the project can be downloaded here.

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teachers toolkit

‘Dealing with Homophobia and Homophobic Bullying in Scottish Schools’ is a Toolkit designed to support teachers in recognising, challenging, and effectively reducing homophobia and homophobic bullying in their schools. The resource, funded by the Scottish Government and developed by LGBT Youth Scotland in partnership with Learning and Teaching Scotland (now Education Scotland), and was distributed to all secondary schools and local authorities in 2009. To see more about the project click here.

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taking lgbt equality further & higher

We have developed a resources called 'Taking LGBT Equality Further and Higher'.  To see more about the students project click here. Please click on the image below to download.