Schools and education

Addressing Inclusion:
Effectively Challenging Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

This resource provides information and guidance to school staff on addressing homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in Scottish schools and has been written to complement Respect for All: The National Approach to Anti-Bullying for Scotland's Children and Young People.

It is designed to assist both primary and secondary school staff in recognising and responding to incidents of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in their schools. While there is good practice happening across Scotland and some schools have made great strides in addressing these behaviours, this is not yet consistent across Scotland; research shows that 69% of lesbian, gay and bisexual learners and 77% of transgender learners report experiencing bullying.

For further information and support, contact LGBT Youth Scotland or respectme.


Supporting Transgender Young People

Developed in partnership with the Scottish Trans Alliance, this resource aims to help primary and secondary education staff support transgender children and young people and is informed by the experiences of young people and teachers.

It addresses the most common concerns from schools and teachers when supporting transgender young people as well as offering proactive advice and guidance on how to ensure schools are inclusive environments for all learners.

It is a general guide to supporting transgender young people and is not exhaustive. If a teacher needs more information or support for a young person, they can speak to the school management team, the local authority or other agencies or contact LGBT Youth Scotland


DevEloping a gender and sexual orientation Alliance (GSA)

A straightforward and comprehensive guide to establishing a GSA in your school. This guide is designed for use by young people in collaboration with their teachers.

GSAs exist in over 25% of Scottish schools and can be effective in creating safe, inclusive spaces that empower LGBT young people in the school environment. The guide walks young people through the steps involved in establishing a GSA in partnership with their teachers and school management.


Life in Scotland for LGBT Young People is the biggest survey of its kind, with respondents aged 13-25 answering a range of questions about their experiences of being LGBT young people, covering topics including bullying, mental health and hate crime. 

Purple friday 2018 participation pack

 This year, the theme for our Purple Friday campaign is #EverydayHero! This pack will give you all the information you need to celebrate the day and raise money for LGBT Youth Scotland.