European Projects

European Projects

LGBT Youth Scotland is delighted to be working with other European LGBT organisations to deliver 2 projects funded by the European Commission, DG Justice.  

In 2009 we received our first funded project through the European Commission; details of that project are also below. 

Promoting Good Practice: Challenging Homophobia in Education (February 2010 – July 2011)

In 2006 LGBT Youth Scotland carried out research which demonstrated that LGBT young people, teachers and education departments felt that LGBT issues were missing from the Scottish curriculum and school environment.  This research informed the development of an education toolkit resource ‘Dealing with Homophobia and Homophobic Bullying in Schools: A Toolkit for Teachers’.  This toolkit was developed by LGBT Youth Scotland, along with Learning and Teaching Scotland – the official Scottish education body, funded by the Scottish Government. (for more info about this resource please click here)

The findings from the Scottish research is echoed in the report Homophobia and Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identify in the EU Member States Part II: The Social Situation (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights,please click here for more information).

This report shows significant evidence that discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in education settings takes place in the form of homophobic bullying and harassment.  In fact LGBT organisations in every Member State commented that issues around sexual orientation are invisible in schools and there is a distinct lack of positive representation within curriculum resources.

This project was a continuation of the work carried out in Scotland and was delivered in partnership with Legebitra – a Slovenian LGBT organisation working with young people and the wider LGBT community.  

The project aimed to make EU member states more confident to develop strategies to combat homophobia within education settings. We delivered research and scoping work, before disseminating this at an international conference held in Edinburgh in April 2011. The research and strategic report which were produced as part of the project can be downloaded here.


Breaking the Walls of Silence (April 2011 – March 2013)

This project was a continuation of the previous project and therefore it was also based within the context of homophobia in education.  We were joined by two partners for this project, Legebitra from Slovenia and KPH, from Poland.

This project aimed to build on the positive work already carried out in a school context and both our partners focued on working with teachers to strengthen anti-homophobia work in Slovenia and Poland.  In return, Scotland developed work with colleges and universities, closely mentored by our partners, with the aim of reaching out to students and student groups.

Research was carried out in schools in Slovenia and Poland, and the research was then compared to explore the common themes that emerged.  Both the research reports are availible in English, download the reports below.

Slovenian Research

Polish Research

Comparative Research Report

The Scottish element of the project produced a training toolkit for students in College and Universities.  This is availble in hard copy only - please email info@lgbtyouth.org.uk if you would like a copy.

Engaging Hearts and Minds, Changing Attitudes (June 2011 – May 2013)

Moving away from education in this project, LGBT Youth Scotland is working with three other countries to use culture to support attitude shifts within communities.  Our partners in this project are: Legebitra (Slovenia), ACCEPT (Romania) and Inakost (Slovakia).

This project builds on LGBT Youth Scotland’s success delivering LGBT History Month using cultural events to encourage a wide audience to learn and value the contribution that LGBT people have made to their societies.  Often these stories are hidden and go unnoticed.  LGBT History Month (February) is an opportunity to stop and celebrate these stories.  For more information about the events in each country, please go to www.lgbthistory.eu

These projects have been made possible with financial support from the EU’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme 2010 – 2011, DG Justice.