Not in Scotland?

If you don't live in Scotland there are some organisations who will be able to give you advice that we can't. Across the world there are different rights and laws protecting people. In some countries the laws and public policies are very different to those in Scotland. .

It might be more helpful for you to get information from organisations which are based in your own home country than from us here in Scotland.

UK Helplines
There are lots of helplines and support options from across the UK which might be more local to you than we are
For support with sexual orientation and relationships click here.
For support with Gender identity click here.  

Amnesty International
Amnesty International works across the world campaigning for human rights, including the rights of people in the LGBT* community. 

The IGLYO is the International LGBTQ Youth and Student organisation working from Europe with an global reach. The organisation works to connect and support the work of LGBT Youth organisations internationally. 

The IGLA is a worldwide federation active in 110 countries. The website has a list of regional organisations working to support LGBTI people seeking refuge and asylum. 


Le Refuge
Le Refuge is an organsation based in France which helps young people who have been forced to leave their family home to find a safe place and get back on their feet. The charity supports young people in continuing education or finding accommodation after the breakdown of family relationships. There is also social, medical, psychological, legal or financial help and support for young people experiencing discrimination such as homophobia or transphobia.  

COC (Jong & School)
The COC is a Dutch organisation that has been in existance since the 1940s! The COC supports young people and promotes equality for the LGBT community- especially in schools. You can visit their website to find out more about active groups across the Netherlands.

Seta is a Finnish human rights organization, which was founded in 1974. The organisation works across the country doing human rights work in addition to educational activities and youth work.

LGBT Ungdom
LGBT Ungdom is a Danish organisation supporting young people within the LGBT community through education, support, advocacy and activism.

Centro Gis
Working in Portugal to promote the health and wellbeing of LGBTI people, promote inclusion, fight discrimination and empower public groups to take action.

Working in Slovakia to defend the rights of LGBTI people. 

North America

The Trevor Project
The Trevor Project is an American national organisation offering a free support phoneline, instant messaging, text support and crisis intervention for young people.


PanAfrican ILGA
The PanAfrican ILGA offers support to those in African nations 

The Bisi Alimi Foundation
Bisi Alimi is an activist working in Nigeria for the rights of LGBTI people

SIP Uganda
This organisation works to support Intersex people in Uganda and other African countries. 


Rainbow Youth
Rainbow Youth has been running for over 25 years in New Zealand providing support, information, advice and advocacy for young LGBT people and their supporters. They offer drop-in sessions and get involved in fun cultural events too. 

Open Doors
Working in Australia to support young LGBTI people and create better opportunties.