Would you like to be part of our Youth Summit Steering Group?

This year, what was known as the National Gathering is changing. In consultation with young people across the country we have decided that the event needs a re-vamp to be more relevant, useful and engaging to the young people who attend.  

Most importantly, we also want to make the event much more youth-led. This means that we are looking for many of the workshops across the event to be run by young people themselves and for a group of Youth Steering Group members to take the lead in organising the event. 

The event theme this year is Education, in line with our Youth Work Strategy consultation with young people.

The Youth Steering Group will have responsibility to lead on the creation and running of the Summit in partnership with staff and volunteers. Steering Group members will be tasked with representing the views/opinions/preferences of young people from across the country and actively taking on day to day tasks in making the event successful. Steering Group members will also be tasked with supporting staff in finding further funding to run the event.

To apply, download the description and application below, complete the form and submit it to alex.cunningham@lgbtyouth.org.uk by no later than Friday 20th June at 12 noon.

Description and Application Form (note: this document will not download on mobile site)

If you have any questions about the Youth Steering Group, please get in touch with Alex Cunningham on alex.cunningham@lgbtyouth.org.uk or by phoning 0131 555 39 40.