VOMO Youth Helps LGBT Borders Speak Up!

As part of Pride 2015 the VOMO Youth Project took action in the Scottish Borders to help young LGBT people speak out.

VOMO stands for Voice Of My Own and the organisation has been working in the Borders for over 10 years, helping young people use film and media to tell their stories and speak about things they feel strongly about. 

The Involved Borders LBGT group travelled to Edinburgh from Galashiels for Pride Scotia 2015 and featured as the headline news item in the week's VOMO News programme. 

The group from LGBT Youth partnered with TD1 Borders Youth group with a total of seven young people attending the session to create a video. 

The young people took part on screen and behind the camera with guidance from VOMO Media Tutor, Glenda Rome. The finished piece features young people from the Borders giving their views on Pride happenings and showcases some amazing media talent and broadcast skills.

Watch the news item here or find it on the VOMO TV website here

Want to find out more about what is going on in the Borders? You can get in touch with Hope who looks after everything there with any questions!