Guidance for Supporting Transgender Young People in Schools Reaches Final Stage

On Transgender Day of Visibility LGBT Youth Scotland enters into the final stage in developing Guidance on ‘Supporting Transgender Young People in Schools’. Today we announce a one month engagement strategy to gather final feedback and ask for your help. 

About the Guidance

LGBT Youth Scotland has worked in partnership with Scottish Transgender Alliance to create a general guide to supporting transgender young people in school. The guidance is based on the real experiences of transgender young people; good practice approaches suggested by young people, teachers and youth workers; as well as professional standards for teachers.

It is soon to be published and distributed widely but before then, we’d like to offer interested parties an opportunity to see the guidance and offer suggestions about how they can provide their support.

This opportunity will close on the 1st of May 2017.

For example, local authorities may wish to distribute this guidance on publication to all the schools in their areas and ask for feedback; teachers may wish to share with their LGBT groups in school to see if learners want to develop any areas themselves; third sector organisations may host this guidance on their websites; or you may have another idea, which we’d love to hear about. 

Why is this guidance needed?

Transgender young people in Scotland face a particularly challenging time at school. We know from our Life in Scotland Education Report that 77% of transgender young people in Scotland suffer from homophobic, biphobic and/or transphobic bullying, with 37% leaving education altogether as a result. Many also don’t feel able to talk to others with 63% of transgender young people not comfortable reporting bullying to their teachers.

This resource is designed to enable teachers to gain confidence to include transgender identities in their teaching and to support transgender learners in their school.

We'll be targeting some key organisations but if you want to find out more e-mail graeme.ross@lgbtyouth.org.uk