Transgender Day of Visibility - Resources for Teachers

We've created resources for teachers to help you raise awareness of and celebrate transgender identities in your school this Transgender Day of Visibility on 31st of March. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page to download our Transgender Day of Visibility resources for teachers. 

What is Trans Day of Visibility?

Transgender Day of Visibility is celebrated every year on the 31st March and is a day to show our support for the transgender community. It aims to celebrate the lives, identities and successes of transgender people while also challenging transphobia and discrimination by encouraging greater awareness of the transgender community. 

Why should my school take part? 

It is an opportunity to positively and respectfully include transgender identities into the curriculum and foster good relations between people who are transgender and those who aren’t.

Why is it important to raise awareness of and celebrate transgender identities in school? 

Transgender young people in Scotland face a particularly challenging time in schools, often articulating feelings of isolation and experiencing bullying. We know from our Life in Scotland Education Report tells us that 77% of transgender young people in Scotland suffer from homophobic, biphobic and/or transphobic bullying, with 37% leaving education altogether as a result.

Another issue affecting transgender young people is their belief that there is no one in school for them to talk to. For example, 63% of transgender young peopletell us that they would not feel comfortable reporting bullying to their teachers.

These resources are designed to enable teachers to speak openly and positively about transgender people and their lives. They allow the opportunity to vocalise support for the transgender community and let all learners in their school know that there are adults in the school who can support transgender young people, if needed.

Get in touch 

LGBT Youth Scotland is committed to working with schools to improve the lives of all their learners, including LGBT learners. If you have any questions, queries or are looking for advice, please contact info@lgtbyouth.org.uk 


Secondary Assembly

Transgender terminology Activity
Transgender terminology Answers

Transgender terminology Teachers Notes


Transgender Lives Teacher Notes
Transgender Lives Recording Sheet

Primary Assembly

Ryland’s Story Teacher Notes
Ryland’s Story Question starters
Ryland’s Story Starter

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