Summer Update from our Dumfries Groups

Here in Dumfries and Galloway we have had an increase in young people accessing our services across the board with highlights in the quarter including taking part in the IDAHO (International Day of Homophobia) Chalk Street Art session. Along with Convener of the Council, Ronnie Nicholson, we headed to the High street of Dumfries and chalked out messages and images of equality and love.
Over 8 sessions we saw 13 individual young people access and explore new opportunities within the local MAKLab. During these sessions young people got to learn and experience new equipment such as laser cutter, heat press printing and the favourite which was the 3d printer. Attendees were able to make some products to take away with them such as funky personalised shopping bags, personalised jewellery, engraved chopping boards, personalised t-shirts, 3d mini statues of themselves and even a Harry Potter wand.
5 young people from Dumfries were elated to attend Edinburgh Pride 2016. This was a life changing day for all who attended as 3 of the young people who attended experience social anxiety. However, during the march they clearly felt safe and confident to be loud and proud. All 5 spent the march chanting “Love is Love” and walking along offering  to high five the spectators. It was a truly heart-warming experience to witness and since we have seen their confidence in themselves at group soar.

* From the LGBT Youth Scotland Summer Newsletter. Have you signed up?