Summer education update

(Photo of previous LGBT Charter Mark awardees Broxburn Academy)

LGBT Youth Scotland has been working with partners up and down the country –from Orkney and Shetland to Stranraer - to move forward our education work. This has taken many different forms, all of which have had different impacts in their own way.
Firstly, we are delighted to have built relationships with six of the eight universities in Scotland who train new teachers and, over the last year over 1800 have received direct training in terms of LGBT inclusion and their professional responsibilities as teachers to support all LGBTI youth.
Secondly, we have worked directly with over 90 schools and delivered training to over 250 practicing teachers in a variety of areas including supporting transgender young people, building an LGBT inclusive curriculum and responding to homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying incidences. Again, these have been all over the country and across both primary and secondary. Alongside this work with teachers we have also delivered dozens of in-school LGBT awareness sessions directly to a range of young people. 
Feedback from all this work shows an increased awareness of key issues affecting LGBTI young people, a greater confidence of discussing LGBTI voices and identities and a better understanding of what it means to be LGBTI in Scotland today.
Some of these schools have been identified as being centres of excellence for LGBTI inclusion and have begun their journey to be accredited with the LGBT Schools Charter Mark, much like Craigie High were given in March this year.
Additionally, in response to requests from young people and teachers we have also developed resources and are working on guidance for setting up Gender and Sexual Orientation Alliances (GSA's) in schools and a comprehensive guidance document on supporting transgender young people in schools.

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