Student Volunteering Week

This week is student volunteering week from 22-28 February.  We have volunteers from all walks of lives including students who are working towards careers in youth work, social work, counselling, policy, sport and exercise, IT, art, film and many more!

We would like to share the story of some of our volunteers who help us make a difference...


When I began volunteering I wanted to meet new people, learn new skills and have something extra to put on my CV.

At the time I had decided to start studying to change my career so I decided to push myself to do new things like this too.

The best thing about volunteering for LGBT Youth Scotland was seeing what an impact it makes having these services there for young people, and how much the young people enjoy the groups and events like the national gathering.

I met a lot of lovely people through volunteering, made new friends and had lots of nights out.

Volunteering also helped me gain experience in the field I wanted to work in when I became the graphic design volunteer – this gave me lots of stuff for my portfolio. Meeting and engaging with so many new people, as well as building on my skills, definitely increased my self-confidence.

Volunteering at LGBT Youth Scotland is inspiring, fun and worthwhile. If you want to meet lots of new people and build on your skills in a supportive environment it's ideal – it's a massive bonus that you get see the impact that the services have on the young people who use them too.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with us then please visit our volunteering page here