Re-launch of Sexual Health and Relationships Youth Group in Edinburgh

The Lothians Sexual Health and Relationships Youth Team (a.k.a. SHRYT) have re-launched their group, with the first session happening on Monday 1st October, running twice a month on the first and last Monday of each month.

Previous sexual health initiatives and education have primarily focused on heterosexual concerns and considerations. As a SHRYT member you help to design and deliver session that represent sexual health views, opinions and concerns of other LGBT associated peers and raise the awareness of LGBT-specific issues to outside communities to increase more inclusivity in everyday society.

As a SHRYT member, you can become a valued peer educator within a network of diverse, committed, knowledgeable and motivated individuals. The group comes together on the first and last Monday of every month to explore and design sessions and educational tools that are specific to the sexual health and relationships of other LGBT young people. 

You will have the opportunity to learn new things about sexual health, build on skills such as communication, confidence, facilitation and session design and get a chance to teach other young people about specific hints and tips to ensure LGBT young people stay safe while having fun.

You act as a representative/ambassador in teaching other young people about LGBT sexual health to not only promote safe practice for LGBT young people but to also reduce the stigma and raise awareness of LGBT specific issues to others outside of the LGBT community

To find out more about being part of SHYRT email Deva on Deva.MacGinty@lgbtyouth.org.uk or check out the Facebook page here.