Shakti Women’s Aid leading the way in LGBT Inclusion

We are delighted to announce that Shakti Women’s Aid has been awarded a Silver LGBT Charter Mark by LGBT Youth Scotland. 

The charity based in Edinburgh supports women, children and young people from Black Minority Ethnic (BME) communities who are experiencing domestic abuse, forced marriage and FGM from their partners, ex-partners and other members of the household.

Achieving the charter mark is a significant achievement in the charity’s 30th year. A spokesperson from the charity said that Shakti works in a challenging environment with service users who have experienced the worst manifestations of domestic abuse. BME LGBTI individuals can experience homophobia and transphobia from within their family and wider community. They are often not able to seek out safe spaces or support within their community and may need extra support accessing mainstream LGBT support services. Shakti is very proud to declare publicly to BME LGBTI individuals that if they are experiencing violence at home and within their relationships they can seek support from Shakti.

Fergus McMillan, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland comments:

“This is a phenomenal achievement and a recognition of their commitment to LGBT equality. They have overcome barriers and developed innovative practice in order to make their service inclusive. More than 90% of their staff were trained, they developed a specific trans inclusion policy and developed a campaign, sharing case studies of black, minority and ethnic LGBT activists on social media. It's a great example of equalities organisations working together to meet the multi-faceted needs of people from all communities."

Shakti was presented the award at a public event on 19th May 2016 with  speakers from LGBT Youth Scotland, Shakti Women's Aid and the Scottish Transgender Alliance.