NYC residential update from Christy

The residential is the golden ticket event for the young NYC member. The scope of abilities, view points and people to immerse oneself in re-sparks the same enthusiasm for humanity as watching a Louis Theroux documentary ignites.  

The group’s aim is always for a positive outcome, to build a clear campaign, a clear foundation for change. To keep things fun and encourage us to work together, we themed our learning and tasks around Harry Potter and consequently each team represented a school house from Hogwarts. Applying the Harry Potter theme provoked the groups to consider our values, how to co-operate and the gifts and magic other working groups had. 

That aside, we headed things up with a wicked game of Quidditch and a Harry Potter trivia game. The groups mixed and mingled and people bonded over anything, everything and, well, Harry Potter before splitting the national representatives into two committee teams.

In my committee we were  learning the facts around homelessness. Issues surrounding mental health appeared in our commission which interlinked with a few other social problems. The butterfly effect was food for thought and the idea of knock-on effects seeded in the minds of the group. 

The bigger picture shows that homelessness can be a direct factor involved in domestic abuse cases. Another case study would suggest men are more vulnerable on the social housing priority list. Discussing these realities was at times harrowing, worrying, and even eye-opening as we reached the common understanding that we knew people affected by these very real issues. Other times discussion was life affirming and mind expanding.With our heavy hearts and our open minds we then looked to create solutions to these social matters. While discussions were often difficult I found the group’s enthusiasm affirming.

Written by LGBT Youth Scotland NYC member Christy.

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