No to the Indy Ref: the future for LGBTI young people?

The votes have been counted and the result is in. Scotland has voted NO to an Independent Scotland. It’s been an amazing democratic process, with 85% turn-out at the polls and passionate debates and dialogue in communities across Scotland. It’s clear that the Scottish Independence Referendum caught the interest of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex young people. We’ve been impressed by young people’s commitment to vote and their ability to engage in the debate in a respectful manner.

It was a historical day for many reasons particularly for those aged 16 – 17 who were eligible to vote for the first time. We believe the sizable number of 16 -25 year olds who turned-up on the day, showed that they can and do care about politics. As a result we’re interested in whether the overall voting age in Scottish elections should be reduced, recognising young people’s contribution and commitment to the Independence Referendum.

In response to this result our priority will be to secure devolution of equality law so that we can protect the legislative progress made in Scotland and continue to improve the lives of LGBTI young people. We will begin a consultation process to ensure that LGBTI young people’s views are considered in shaping devolved matters and continue to deliver youth-led campaigns that represent their needs. Key issues to address from our research and existing consultations include reducing homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools, universities and colleges; and working towards inclusive public services including health, policing and education.

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