New Year’s Resolutions: Top Tips for 2016


So it’s that time of year when many of us have already made New Year’s resolutions -  for some that’ll include a focus on health and fitness. If that’s you - then we’ve got some hints and tips. If you’ve got no resolutions but are just thinking about making a change in 2016 then this might interest you too:

  1. 1.      Don’t make a resolution that is just based on how you look – you are beautiful! 

There’s lots pressure on LGBTI people to look good – let’s take the pressure off and be accepting of ourselves. Someone’s gotta be! If you’ve already made a resolution to lose a few pounds - tweak it a little to make a commitment to drink more water and eat some veg. We are all beautiful – we don’t NEED to adhere to societies limited expectations – be yourself, be fabulous!

  1. 2.      Talk about how you feel

It’s easier said than done but it’s amasing how much better you’ll feel when you say something out loud.

If something's bothering you - say it! If there’s something you can’t say to friends or family - whether that’s ‘coming out’ or expressing how you’re really feeling - then that’s what LGBT Youth Scotland’s here for. You could speak to your local youth worker, book an appointment or talk to someone through our on-line chat service .

  1. 3.      Be mindful and breathe

Yeah of course breathing is essential but we often forget just to just take a minute and take stock of where we are at - acknowledging and accepting our feelings and thoughts. Breathing deeply can help with this. Evidence shows that it helps you calm down, it releases more oxygen to the brain and connects your body with your mind.

There’s lots of sites on mindfulness and breathing but the NHS page on mindfulness is useful.

  1. 4.      Get Sporty  

Not all LGBTI young people are into sport. Our research shows there’s lots of barriers (from experiences of P.E in school to the fear of not being accepted at a local group) but being active not only improves your physical health but also your mental health.  There’s a growing number of sports groups specifically for LGBTI people - from basketball, running or badminton – so if you’ re interested there’s probably a group for you. Look here for more info.

  1. 5.      Get Active

Ok – at the end of the day sport isn’t for everyone - so take up a fitness class, go for a walk or even go bowling. LEAP Sports has a Bowling Tournament taking place during LGBT History Month. Why not go along or register your group?

  1. 6.      Make a Difference

The national Youth Sports Panel are interested in how to make a difference to LGBTI young people. In the coming months Sports Scotland will be looking for new members – so if you are passionate about sport and interested in making a difference – get in contact.

  1. 7.      Don’t give yourself a hard time

If you don’t fulfill your resolutions – oh well there’s always next year. Don’t give yourself a hard time - you can make a change at any time.