Lothian Mystery Shopper Reports: Highlighting Best Practice

Healthy Respect, NHS Lothian commissioned LGBT Youth Scotland to train a group of young people to develop their own Mystery Shopper initiative to explore how accessible, young person friendly, and how LGBT aware services are across Lothian.

Through research conducted within our Lothian Sexual Health and Relationships Youth Team (SHRYT) and in partnership with NHS Lothian & NHS GGC on FAQ research for MSM (Men who have Sex with Men), it became clear that LGBT young people find that general sexual health services could be more aware and inclusive of their needs. There are many barriers LGBT young people have either experienced or perceive to exist.

Although LGBT young people may have some specific sexual health needs from services, many of their needs are universal to all young people’s needs: confidentiality; trust; a welcoming atmosphere; open-minded staff; access to relevant STI information; access to a range of c:card products; informed staff with regard to sexual health risks; and opportunities to speak about things that might be concerning them.

We are delighted to share the results of the findings in two reports, one written by young people.

Mystery Shopper Lothian - Young Persons Report

Mystery Shopper Lothian - Workers Report

We hope that the recommendations will support organisations to become more accessible. Many agencies Mystery Shopped have now received or are are working towards their LGBT Charter of Rights. You can find more information about this HERE

Within Lothian there is an active LGBT Development Group that supports organisations and practitioners to acheive their LGBT Charter Mark, and also provides the opportunity to share best practice and plan events.

The next Lothian LGBT Development Group will be held on Thursday 4th of December at our Edinburgh Office from 10.30am-12.30pm.

For more information please contact the Lothian and Borders Team Leader Ann Marriott on ann.marriott@lgbtyouth.org.uk or Tel: 0131 555 3940