LGBT Youth Scotland supports steps to criminalise the purchase of sex in Scotland

Today LGBT Youth Scotland adds its voice to organisations and individuals throughout Scotland, supporting the aims of a proposed Bill that will criminalise the purchase of sex in Scotland.

The Bill, which aims to challenge the demand for prostitution in Scotland, will make it illegal to purchase sexual acts.

LGBT Youth Scotland sees prostitution as gender based violence and harmful to the LGBT young people and the wider LGBT community that it works with.

Amy Roch, Domestic Abuse Development Officer at LGBT Youth Scotland comments:

"Working with young LGBT people throughout Scotland we see the harm caused to young people who have been coerced into or otherwise become involved in prostitution. The experiences of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and other discrimination faced by young LGBT people make them more vulnerable to exploitation."

"LGBT people should be able to live healthy lives, free from harm and discrimination and we believe that this can never truly happen while prostitution is tolerated and accepted."

LGBT Youth Scotland looks forward to the results of the consultation and ongoing work to ensure that Scotland becomes a place where the purchase and exploitation of people is not tolerated.

To download a full copy of the Press Release please visit our Media page here.