'LGBT Innovator' and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon supports LGBT History Month 2016

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1st of February 2016

‘LGBTI Innovator’ and First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon supports LGBT History Month 2016
LGBT History Month takes place in Scotland every February. It is an opportunity to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender lives and culture, and to recognise the significant contribution LGBT people have made to our country and the world at large.

Aligned with Scotland’s ‘Year of Innovation’, LGBT History Month 2016 will highlight ‘LGBT innovators’ who have made a difference in Scotland. The 2016 brochure features a stunningly illustrated Edwin Morgan poem, 'Strawberries'. Born in the West End of Glasgow in 1920, Morgan was Glasgow’s first official Poet Laurette and Scotland’s first official Makar, his poems often refer to gay love and life in Glasgow and he was an active supporter of LGBT rights.

This year ‘LGBT Innovator’ First Minister Nicola Sturgeon expresses her support for LGBT History Month. Ms Sturgeon has consistently expressed her support for LGBTI people and communities, supporting the introduction of the ground breaking Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act in 2014, opposing David Cameron’s plans to repeal the Human Rights Act and last year was named ‘Politician of the Year’ at Scotland’s first LGBTI Awards.

First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon commented:

‘I have always been committed to making Scotland a fair and equal society for all, and we are making great strides in doing so for the LGBT community’.

‘We have seen a change in the law to allow same-sex couples to adopt jointly and the introduction of hate crime legislation extended to cover LGBT people; Scotland was also the first country in Europe to provide national government funding to a transgender rights project, and Scotland has its own standalone Gender Reassignment Protocol’.

"Same sex marriage is now legal and I took great pride in not only leading the consultation on marriage for same sex couples, but also attending one of the very first same sex marriage ceremonies in Scotland. That decision challenges the negative attitudes that still exist today towards LGBT people, and shows love is love regardless of a person’s sexual orientation’.

‘The Scottish Government has strongly supported LGBT History Month since 2005 and it provides an opportunity to reflect on the progress that has been made, but also look to the future and what more can be achieved’.

‘Continuing to address the barriers that exist for LGBT people in Scotland and ensuring that everyone has the same chances to participate in every aspect of life is, for me, the most effective way of making sure that each and everyone one of us benefits from the diversity this fantastic country and its people has to offer’.

Fergus McMillan, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland commented:

‘We are delighted that the First Minister supports LGBT History Month. This year the brochure, featuring more than 40 events, is supported by the Equality Network, LEAP Sports Scotland and Stonewall Scotland. Events will take place all across Scotland, facilitated by organisations, community groups and LGBTI artists from the Scottish Borders to the Highlands.’

‘With the LGBTI Innovators theme we hope to highlight the musicians, artists, sports people, activists and unsung heroes who have really made a difference to LGBT life here in Scotland. We want to know your stories so tell us your LGBT Innovators on our social media channels and go to the website (www.lgbthistory.org.uk) for the full programme.


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