Kasha and Zee Elected as Members of Scottish Youth Parliament

  [Kasha Cepok]                                [Zee Timmins] 

Kasha Cepok and Zee Timmins are announced as Members of Scottish Youth Parliament for LGBT Youth Scotland, after 489 young people cast their vote in the national election.

Six young people stood for election in this year’s Scottish Youth Parliament election for LGBT Youth Scotland. After a few months of campaigning, a live online hustings, and electronic voting, results were announced this week, declaring Kasha and Zee as the organisations new MSYP’s.

Elected by LGBT young people across Scotland, Kasha and Zee will now represent LGBT young people from across Scotland at the Scottish Youth Parliament for the next two years.

Speaking after the results of the election 17 year old Kasha, who lives in Fife commented:

“I'm over the moon to be elected. I'm glad my hard work paid off and I get to work with people who share the same interest of inspiring change as I do.”

"Young people are the future of our country and they deserve their voices to be heard"

“As soon as I heard about SYP I knew I wanted to run. Young people are the future of our country and they deserve their voices to be heard, so being that voice is a great honour and I can't wait to do so.”

Talking about the issues she is keen to make progress on, Kasha commented:

“Scotland has come a long way in terms of LGBT equality, however young people still face a lot of LGBT based bullying. I think education in schools is the best way to tackle this as a lot of bullying comes from lack of understanding.”

“It's also very difficult for trans young people to transition and they face many problems in a process that takes years, and I hope to make positive changes in these issues.”

Speaking about being elected, 17 year old Zee, who lives in the Scottish Borders said:

“It is a huge commitment and responsibility that I value very highly, so thank you to everyone who has supported me. I am very excited to get started making positive change, and working alongside Kasha to make Scotland the best place possible for LGBT+ young people.”

"I would also like to campaign for more legal recognition of non-binary gender identities"

“LGBTYS has had a very large impact on my life, being a service user for the last 4 years, so I wanted to give back to the young people accessing the services, as well as the wider LGBT+ population of Scotland.”

When asked what issues they would like to make progress on Zee commented:

“One thing that I feel is particularly important is to campaign for inclusive education within schools, so that LGBT+ students can feel included and safe within their school communities and non-LGBT+ students are more educated on LGBT+ issues.”

“I would also like to campaign for more legal recognition of non-binary gender identities, such as an ‘X’ gender marker as opposed to an ‘M’ or ‘F’, as a non-binary young person myself this is very important to me.”

The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) is the democratically elected voice of Scotland’s young people. Find out more at http://www.syp.org.uk/

To get in touch with Kasha or Zee or find out more about our youth participation work contact Deva MacGinty at deva.macginty@lgbtyouth.org.uk