Kaelin campaigns to make banks inclusive of non-binary people, and wins!


Kaelin Farnish tells us about their success in changing Metro Bank policy to become the first bank in the UK to be inclusive of non-binary people.

Following Kaelin's success, Ross Greer MSP submitted a motion to Scottish Parliament this congratulating Kaelin on this fantastic win.

The motion stated:

"That the Parliament congratulates 17-year-old Kaelin Farnish on successfully campaigning to be given the option of opening a bank account under a non-binary gender identity; understands that the decision of Metro Bank UK to provide customers and colleagues with this option, and the title, Mx, makes it the first bank in the UK to offer an inclusive service to customers and staff regardless of gender identity, and urges all banks, and other organisations, to adopt a similar gender-inclusive approach to their customer service and organisational culture."

and was supported by: Alison Johnstone, Bill Kidd, Rona Mackay, Richard Lyle, Ruth Maguire, Sandra White, Patrick Harvie, Ash Denham, Christina McKelvie, David Torrance, Clare Haughey, John Finnie, Gil Paterson, Gillian Martin, Maree Todd, Clare Adamson, Ivan McKee.

Read the full story of Kaelin's success HERE