Equal Marriage Consultation - Have you responded yet?

Dear all,

There are just under two weeks to go to the end of the Scottish Govt’s consultation on the draft Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill, (ends 5pm Wed 20th). Opponents of Equal Marriage have started to campaign strongly for anti-equality submissions to be made and also call for various “section 28” like restrictions on education.

LGBT Youth Scotland will be submitting an organisational response and have been consulting with our youth groups to ensure that LGBT young people have their voices heard.

So far over 4000 people have submitted responses but it’s not enough! During the first stages of the Bill we know that the opposition managed to get more than 10,000 responses in the last two weeks.

What can you do?

For individual responses:

Complete the consultation using this link:  www.equalmarriage.org.uk/consultation


For organisational responses: https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/family-law/marriagebill


You may also want to join in with Scotland’s Equal Marriage Twitter campaign, which has a huge number of followers including Steven Fry.

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Please circulate this far and wide to your key partners, colleagues, friends and LGBT young people.

Many thanks for all your help!