LGBT Young People Welcome Equal Marriage Announcement

LGBT Youth Scotland welcomes today’s announcement that the Scottish Government is going to introduce equal marriage.  The overwhelming majority of Scots have said they support same-sex marriage and at LGBT Youth Scotland we are pleased the Scottish Government has listened and is now going to legislate.  

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people deserve the exact same rights as any other person in Scotland and LGBT young people want this unequal, segregated system to end now. The right to marry the person you love, either through a civil marriage or a religious marriage is a fundamental right and we welcome the Scottish Government’s plans to make this a legal right for all of Scotland's people.

LGBT Youth Scotland’s National Youth Council has been campaigning on this issue for over three years, for young people this is an issue of equality.  

Scott, LGBT National Youth Council representative for Glasgow, said: “I want to have the same rights as my parents did when they got married (as a mixed sex couple) with my own same-sex partner and I want to be just as happy as they were in marriage.” 

Daniel, LGBT National Youth Council representative for Edinburgh, said:  “As it currently stands, I wouldn't be able to marry any partner as I would have to divorce them to have my legal gender changed. It essentially excludes transgender people from marriage and civil partnerships. Legalising same-sex marriage will mean I won’t have to go through the financially, emotionally exhausting process of separating from the one I love just to be recognised as my legal gender and remarry again.”


Notes to Editor:

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