Create Artwork Exploring LGBT Young People's Homelessness

Create Art exploring LGBT Young people's Homelessness

In July 2016, a group of LGBT young people from across Scotland came together to form the LGBT Youth Commission on Housing and Homelessness. Our aim was to explore LGBT young people’s experiences of homelessness, including rough sleeping, sofa surfing and staying in temporary accommodation. We wanted to understand how homelessness links to experiences of domestic abuse, family abuse, and homo/bi/transphobia.

We were surprised that there was not very much research available about LGBT homelessness in Scotland. We learned that Albert Kennedy Trust, a LGBT youth homelessness service in England, undertook research[1] and found that:

  • LGBT young people make up 24% of the young homeless population
  • 69% of LGBT young homeless people experienced abuse, violence or rejection from family
  • 77% felt that being LGBT was the reason they became homeless

As a Youth Commission, we ran a consultation with 9 LGBT youth groups across Scotland and asked young people about: experience accessing services, knowledge about housing rights, and where they might seek support if they were homeless or experienced abuse. We also consulted with professionals working in housing and homelessness services to hear about the issues they face when giving support and to identify what needs to change to improve services.

Now we need to shout about it and tell the world what needs to change.

We are hosting an exhibition, where we will use creative arts to highlight the key issues LGBT young people face that increase their risk of becoming homeless. We will be inviting community members, services, elected members and decision makers to come and view the exhibition and learn about LGBT youth homelessness. We hope to influence them to improve services, policy, and approaches to tackling this issue.

But we need your help.  

We are looking for young people to create paintings, drawings, poems, photographs and written word to highlight some of the issues we have identified at the exhibition. You don't need any experience, just a willingness to get involved and create something. We are holding a ‘Create Day’ where you can drop in for a while and create something, or stay the whole day.

The Create Day is:
Edinburgh    12th August, 10am-6pm

We will supply arts and craft materials, but you can feel free to bring your own along if you want.

To book your space, please visit https://lgbtyouth.wufoo.eu/forms/s8az9wk19oapl2/

If you want to be involved but can’t make the create day, you can create something to submit to our exhibition. Just email our Development Officer, Janice, for more info or chat to your local youth worker.


[1]Bateman, W., (2015) LGBT Youth Homelessness: UK National Scoping Exercise. Albert Kennedy Trust.