Clydesdale Bank and LGBT Youth Scotland join forces for LGBT History Month

Equality for LGBTI Young People
EQUALITY FOR LGBTI Young People in Scotland: 
Are we there yet?
21st February 7pm

Scotland is hailed as the best country in Europe for LGBTI legal equality yet, changing laws and changing lives are not always the same thing. 

How can we make Scotland the best place for young people to grow up, work and live? 

Hosted by Clydesdale Bank’s Products Director, Fergus Murphy, we’ll be joined by Keiza Dugdale MSP, a panel of key experts and influencers, including young people with personal experiences and testimony to share. 

With interaction from the audience, the panel will celebrate social and political milestones for Scotland, and explore what progress is still needed to improve young LGBTI people’s lives. 

This is an invitational event, however if you're interested in following the discussion we'll be live tweeting from the event using the hashtag #LGBTHeritage from @LGBTYS