Chris Mulraney shortlisted for LGBT Volunteer of the Year at the first ever Fife Rainbow Awards

Youth work volunteer Chris Mulraney has been shortlisted for LGBT Volunteer of the Year at the first ever Fife Rainbow Awards.

The awards will celebrate the contribution of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Fife, at a ceremony taking place on Friday 25th of November 2016. Organised by the Fife-based LGBT+ charity, Pink Saltire, the awards are thought to be the first of their kind held in Fife.

Chris volunteers at LGBT Youth Scotland’s Flavours of Fife youth group every week.

Speaking about Chris’s contribution to the group the young person who made the nomination said:

“For the past wee while he has listened to my struggles with mental health, and home and college life, and is very helpful in suggesting possible ways to improve various things, in the hopes of improving my general wellbeing.”

“Chris genuinely cares, and changes my whole outlook on the week, when I know he is rooting for me, when he checks up on me with a smile. He is extremely supportive of everyone, and their individuality, and is very important in making the group feel like a large family.”

“As well as being serious and helpful when need be, he’s also a very jokey person. He is always up for a laugh, and involves himself in silly and fun activities that we do. Chris is an all-round great guy, and I believe that he deserves Volunteer of the Year, to recognise all the hard work, and time he gives to Flavours of Fife.”

James Whyte, Volunteering Manager at LGBT Youth Scotland commented:

“Our volunteers are the bread and butter of our organisation and crucial to our youth work delivery.”

“They put in invaluable time, energy and effort, with volunteers like Chris making a positive impact to LGBT young people’s lives day in day out. It’s brilliant to see Chris’s hard work and dedication being recognised by the local community in Fife.”