Book Now - LGBTI Equality & Inclusion Training Conference

***Please note this conference has been postponed****

The conference will go ahead in Autumn 2017. If you are interested in attending please email fund@lgbtyouth.org.uk and you will be notified as soon as the date is confirmed and booking is open.

This training conference will provide practical information and guidance on improving LGBTI equality and diversity in your organisation. We'll take you from theory to practice and provide you with a framework to drive equality and diversity across your organisation. 

Sessions will delivered by experts in the field and there will be opportunities for cross sector learning from public, private and third sector organisations.

Morning Sessions:

The Business Case - Ever wondered why companies should focus on LGBTI inclusion?
This session will look at the business case for LGBTI inclusion and equality. You'll leave with practical knowledge on improving your organisation’s culture and in attracting a skilled lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workforce.
10am - 11.15am

Community Engagement - Want to find out more about reaching out to new communities and customers?
This session will help you to put a customer focus on your diversity work. Many organisations are working hard to increase diversity within their staff team and in their recruitment processes but not involving their customers or communities. We will explore how engaging your customers and potential customers in your equalities work will ultimately pay dividends for your shareholders. 
11.30am - 1pm

The Law and Leadership - What does the law say and how can you put it into action?
Aimed at the Public Sector and Charities. We will give you an overview of equality legislation with particular reference to the Equality Act 2010, look at the power of language – its ability to include or exclude, and examine leadership for equality and the importance to staff at every level.
10am - 1pm with coffee break

Afternoon Sessions:

Practical Tools for your Organisation - How do you take everything you’ve learned and put it into practice?
Breaking into cross sector groups you will use your learning from the morning’s sessions to discuss and plan actions that you can take forward in your organisation. Our expert staff will facilitate discussion, highlight positive examples and use our Charter framework to guide your planning.
2pm - 3pm

Championing Diversity at Tesco - Want to hear from someone who’s leading the way?
Tesco actively promotes and sponsors diversity and inclusion both within their organisation and the wider community. Find out why they feel there is a strong business case for this work from Out at Tesco Chair, John Dickinson.

Download the above info as a pdf.

Private Sector - £200
Public Sector - £100
Charity - £70

To find out more please email jane.griffin@lgbtyouth.org.uk