Bi Visibility Day – Resources for Teachers

BiVisibility Day Education

Ahead of Bi Visibility Day on Friday 23rd of September LGBT Youth Scotland launches resources for teachers and people working in education. Bi Visibility Day happens in September every year, and is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate bisexual people and their identities. The day calls on the bisexual community, their friends, allies and supporters to recognise and celebrate bisexuality, bisexual history, bisexual community and culture, and all of the bisexual people in their lives.

To assist people working with young people in education to celebrate Bi Visibility Day, LGBT Youth Scotland has teamed up with Bi and Beyond Edinburgh to create an assembly and range of lesson plans and activities for schools and teachers. For ease of planning, each activity has a suggested level, though each session could easily work across many ages and stages – feel free to play around with what works for your classroom or education setting.

LGBT Youth Scotland’s ‘Life in Scotland for LGBT Young People’ reports tell us that bisexual people in Scotland can face a particularly challenging time. The reports highlight that:

  • In school, 60% of bisexual young people had experienced homophobic or biphobic bullying.

  • Bisexual young people were less likely to feel confident reporting homophobia or biphobia in college (31.1% compared to 68.7%), and university (35.6% compared to 72.6%) than LGBT young people overall.

  • Bisexual young people were less likely (46.6%) than their LGBT peers (56.5%) to feel safe and supported by the NHS in regards to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Over a third (36.9%) of bisexual young people did not know whether they felt safe and supported by the NHS and 19.4% did not.

  • Bisexual women were the second most likely group (63%) (after transgender young people [66.7%]) to say that they had a mental health problem.

  • 71.8% of bisexual respondents thought biphobia was a problem for Scotland and 74% thought it was a problem for their local area.

Find more information in our Life in Scotland for LGBT Young People: Bisexual Briefing.

If you are working with a young person looking for information or support (or you are a young person yourself), find out about our local youth groups here and our online digital youth work service here. Our advice section, or resources for LGBT young people section might also be useful.

Teaching and Education Resources for Bi visbility Day


Bisexual Biographies Level 2 - Presentation
Bisexual Biographies Level 2 

Bisexual History Timeline Level 3 - Presentation 
Bisexual History Timeline Level 3 Part 1

Bisexual History Timeline Level 3 Part 2 

Understanding Bisexual Identity Level 4 - Presentation
Understanding Bisexual Identity Level 4 Part 1

Understanding Bisexual Identity Level 4 Part 2
Understanding Bisexual Identity Level 4 Part 3

Interested in improving LGBT inclusion in your school? Find out more about LGBT Youth Scotland’s LGBT Schools Charter here.