Bisexuality Case Studies

Bisexuality Case Studies

To highlight the importance of challenging bi erasure and mark Bi Visibility Day on the 23rd September, LGBT Youth Scotland is collecting the voices of bisexual young people in Scotland and sharing case studies on our website. 

The first of these case studies is launched today with, Aidan, who talks about myths, stigma and bipohbia. We think it is important to start conversations about biphobia and bi erasure and hope that sharing these personal stories will help improve the visibility of young bisexual people living in Scotland. 

You can read more about bisexuality in our advice section here or and you can find the case studies here

If you would like to contribute to our bisexuality case studies please email info@lgbtoyouth.org.uk- we would love to hear from you!

Through out the month of September we will be sharing your comments on Bi Visibility and some information from our research. Join in the conversation and share "Bi Visibility is important to me because..." Don't forget to tag us in your post! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram!