Ready, Steady, Vote 2014 Week!

LGBT Youth Scotland get going with Ready, Steady, Vote 2014 Week!

Ready, Steady, Vote Week is set to be an action packed week full of energy and enthusiasm, with every day dedicated to ensuring Scotland’s young people are ready to have their say by casting their vote in the referendum on 18th September. The activities start on Saturday 16th August 2014, which is just over two weeks before the registration deadline for the referendum (2nd September).

Ready, Steady, Vote Week has been set up to make sure that 16-24 year olds do register to vote and turn up to make their vote count on 18th September 2014. The week is being led by a number of organisations, who have together formed the Young Voter Engagement Group, committed to making sure that young people are registered to vote and cast their vote in the independence referendum.

LGBT Youth Scotland will be promoting the week through networks, sharing educational and non-partisan information, and calling on all young people to get registered, get engaged, and get voting. The referendum presents an exciting and important opportunity for young people throughout Scotland to have their say, and be part of shaping Scotland’s future.

Young people at LGBT Youth Scotland’s National Youth Summit will also have opportunity to engage in dialogue around the referendum question through ‘Wee Play’ – a game from So Say Scotland that helps people think through the referendum question and issues in a safe space. Watch out for live tweets from the game on Sunday 24th of August.

Get Involved

Everyone can get involved in Ready, Steady, Vote Week.

Below are some suggestions for running your own activities during the week, further details of which can be found in the downloadable information pack here: Ready, Steady, Vote Week Information Pack

  • Run a voter registration drive
  • Arrange a Scottish Youth Parliament engagement session
  • Be creative
  • Promote your activities

You can get involved and promote the activities of the week on social media using #Register14.

Events - Quick Overview

Buddy Up Competition – Saturday 16th August – Sunday 24th August
Participation Champion - Launch Event - 16th August 2014
Bolt FM - Referendum Hustings - 19th August 2014
Coffee and Conversations Day – Wednesday 20th August 2014
Tweet-Up - Friday 22nd August 2014
Buddy Up – 23rd August 2014
Buddy Up Registration Stalls – Saturday 23rd August 2014

Find out more about all SYP events and activities HERE

Get Registered, Get Voting!

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