Stirling and District Women's Aid Awarded LGBT Charter Mark

In order to be eligible for the Charter Mark award, organisations and groups must demonstrate they have met a list of criteria outlined in the LGBT Charter of Rights, to develop more inclusive services for LGBT people. In response to these Rights, Stirling and District Women's Aid has:

  • undertaken staff training about LBT inclusion
  • ensured that its service is fully inclusive, particularly for trans women who experience domestic abuse
  • revised and developed its organisational policies, and
  • engaged with the LGBT community, staff and stakeholders to raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of LGBT domestic abuse.

LGBT Youth Scotland made the presentation to staff and volunteers from Stirling and District Women's Aid at their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 21 November.

Stirling and District Women's Aid Award

Sam Atkinson from LGBT Youth Scotland said, "We are delighted to award the Charter Mark to Stirling and District Women's Aid in demonstration of their commitment to including and supporting LGBT people who experience domestic abuse. We want to ensure that every LGBT person in Scotland receives an appropriate, person-centred response each and every time they need support, and only through the efforts of organisations such as Stirling and District Women’s Aid can this aim be realised." 

Stirling and District Women's Aid offers support, information and temporary accommodation for women and their children who have been physcially, emotionally or sexually abused by their partner or former partner.