Experiences of Older LGBT people

East Dunbartonshire Council has commissioned LGBT Youth Scotland to undertake a scoping exercise on the health and wellbeing needs of older lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people living in East Dunbartonshire. 

We're taking a broad approach to this and are interested in hearing from anyone over the age of 50 and living in East Dunbartonshire or anyone who cares for someone over the age of 50 within the area. You do not have to identify as LGBT to share your experiences.

If you fit the age requirements, we would like to hear about your community involvement, support networks and what you would like to see more of in your area. To share your experiences, fill out a short survey here

If you work as a carer, we would also like to hear from you. We’re interested in finding out what you think helps carers support an individual's expression of their sexual orientation or gender identity and what would help older LGBT people to live as independently as possible and enjoy health and wellbeing opportunities. 

In April, two LGBT-specific events will take place to ask older LGBT residents what information, opportunities or services they feel are missing. This will inform recommendations to the council.

To attend an event, speak to a researcher, or arrange researchers to visit your group with paper surveys, contact: 

brandilee.loughdennell@lgbtyouth.org.uk or 01415527425.