Hip-Hop Artist Releases Single For Equal Marriage

Last night hip-hop artist Maclemore performed his new single "same love" at the MTV Music Awards. The single is produced by Ryan Lewis and features Mary Lambert, put Equal Marriage in the middle of the usual pop culture fest that is the MTV music awards and is certainly a refreshing change from the homophobia and sexism often embedded in hip hop lyrics. Click here for the official video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlVBg7_08n0

He's not the first artist of course to use hip hop to tackle issues of social justice, it's origins rest in social commentry or at least a form of self-expression that reflect upon, challenge or evoke a mood of a particular time, place or culture. However, hip hop isn't generally known for it's positive messages for the LGBT community and there are limted 'out' hip hop artists with only a few acceptions. FranK Ocean, part of US hip-hop collective Odd Future 'came out' last year and went on to publicly support gay marriage. This is embued in his music with songs like 'we all try'. 

So, you may or may not be a fan of hip hop but it's an interesting musical interlude in our fight for marriage equality in Scotland.