Marriage and Civil Partnerships (Scotland) Bill

Today the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill will be introduced to the Scottish Parliament. The Bill will allow same-sex marriage in Scotland and has had overwhelming support from the Scottish people.

Young people in Scotland have been particularly supportive of this Bill with research showing that 78% of young Scots agree that same-sex couples should have the right to get married. LGBT Youth Scotland’s National Youth Council began campaigning on this issue over four years ago. They strongly believe that being able to get married is a human right and an issue of equality. The LGBT NYC members also felt that this Bill could have a positive impact on Scotland.

I think a lot of people think equal marriage only affects LGBT people but it doesn't as it reflects back on the country. Everyone wants and deserves to be treated as equals and it's incredibly unfair and narrow-minded to treat people differently because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Introducing marriage equality will be a cracking step towards, making more people see that everyone should be able to be who they are and love who they want.” LGBT Youth Council Member

This Bill in now in its final stage and public consultation has ended. It will now be reviewed by committee members, in the Scottish Parliament chamber, and organisations may also be called upon to present evidence. If the Bill is passed in 2013, the first same-sex marriages will take place in 2015.

Cara Spence, Policy Director at LGBT Youth Scotland said:  “We know that this Bill has faced fierce opposition with negative messages about same-sex relationships appearing in the media. Now is the time to end any hate speak and for the Scottish Government to continue to support a Bill that is about the equal and fair treatment of LGBT people in Scotland.” 

The Equality Network has launched a campaign video stating that 'It's Time' for Equal Marriage in Scotland. The video includes politicians, celebrities and couples from across the country. Find out more about the video and campaign on the Equal Marriage Website.