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Why We Have Chosen To Leave Twitter

Our 2023-27 Strategy, designed in partnership with young people, makes a commitment to improving young people's lives through inclusive environments.

We have been concerned for some time that Twitter is no longer a platform which aligns with our values, either in its own company ethics, or in the way in which it allows unchecked misinformation which impacts human rights and safety.

We no longer believe that Twitter is an inclusive environment or a healthy space to encourage young people to join us in, and so we have taken the decision to close our account from May 2023. We will, instead, be focusing our resources on more hopeful messaging on our other social media accounts and we hope you will join us there as we share the positive impact of our work, and celebrate the incredible resilience of LGBTQ+ young people.

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27 Nov 2023

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10 Nov 2023


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07 Nov 2023

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