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Non-Binary Working Group: Scottish Government Response

Non Binary Working Group Scottish Government Response Graphic

What is the Non-Binary Working Group?  

The non-binary working group is a group of non-binary people, academics and representatives from LGBT organisations set up by the Scottish Government to improve the inclusion and equality of
non-binary people in Scotland. 

What do they do? 

Over the past year the group have been discussing the issues faced by non-binary people and the wider trans community and agreed a list of 35 ambitious recommendations to make life better for
people. These recommendations cover a number of areas including healthcare, education, law & policy and sport.

Whats the news? 

Today the Scottish government have published these recommendations alongside their response.

You can find the recommendation here.
You can find the Scottish government response here.

There is a summary of the recommendations that can be found at the start of the document. This was written by one of the non-binary group members and is aimed at non-binary people.

In their response the Scottish Government has accepted or partially accepted 24 of the recommendations, has said that they need more information on 8 recommendations before making a decision and has declined 3 of them.

What do LGBTYS think about this? 

We are glad that the Scottish Government is committing to take action on things that can make it easier for non-binary people to move through the world, such as reviewing the sex indicators on CHI numbers, which will remove barriers for non-binary and other trans people to accessing healthcare and their commitment to work with SEEMiS, the system which holds pupil information in school to make this more inclusive of, and safer, for non-binary and other trans people.

There are other areas where we think the Scottish Government should have made a stronger commitment to take forward the well thought out and carefully selected recommendations of the working group, which are a reflection of the needs and lived experience of non-binary people. 

Dr Mhairi Crawford, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland said “We share the frustration of non-binary young people that not all recommendations have been accepted. This working group has allowed the voices of non-binary people to be heard, which is a really important step, but further action is required.

Our recently published research shows that trans (including non-binary) young people now come out at 15, so it’s important that schools, health providers, and so on are supportive and validate the experiences of non-binary young people – so LGBT Youth Scotland does welcome commitments such as working with SEEMiS and producing guidance to support schools.”

What happens next?
The Scottish Government will create an Action Plan to be published in April 2023. This will explain how they will take forward the recommendations they have agreed to and will likely continue to involve the non-binary working group.

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