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Know your rights

The Children and Young People's Commissioner for Scotland is Bruce Adamson. He works with his team to protect the rights of children and young people. He looks after the rights of everyone in Scotland under 18 and everyone in Scotland under 21 who has been looked after or in care. 

Rights are a list of promises to children and young people to keep them safe. They are used to make sure you are treated fairly and looked after properly.

When something is called a right, it means that nobody can take it away from you. It is yours, and is meant to protect you and help you have a good life.

Rights for children and young people can be called different things, such as children's rights or youth rights. No matter what they're called, however, they are for both children and young people — the same rights protect you no matter which you are.

You can contact Bruce Adamson directly via email at and there are more details on the website at


The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) 

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is the international agreement between 193 member states of the United Nations and spells out the rights that should be afforded to you.

Your rights under the UNCRC include:

  • Right to life and healthcare
  • Right to protection from violence, abuse or neglect
  • Right to have a say in decisions that affect your life
  • Right to education
  • Right to information
  • Right to privacy
  • Right to meet with other young people
  • Obligation on the state to act in your best interest

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