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Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse affects people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, religions and those with disabilities. Most people know that physical violence is abusive, but domestic abuse also includes other forms of abuse.


This can include physical, sexual and emotional abuse as well as controlling behaviour, for example: 

  • threatening to out someone
  • isolating them from family and friends
  • controlling how you dress, where you go and what you do, including online.

So many of the messages we see about domestic abuse focus on men being violent towards women, which means that LGBT people sometimes find it difficult to recognise that they are experiencing abuse, and therefore don’t ask for help or support.


No one deserves to be abused and there are services that can offer advice, information or support.


If you are worried that you or someone you care about is experiencing domestic abuse, The LGBT Domestic Abuse Scotland website, run by the team at LGBT Youth Scotland, is here to help.

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