Friends & Family Scheme

At LGBT Youth Scotland our family are the young people we support, our paid staff and volunteers.

But, like any family, we also rely on our friends. Our friends share our values and, like us, they want to make life better for the young people we work with. Our friends are always there for us, spreading the word about what we do and helping us change the world a little bit at a time.

Sign up nowBecome a friend of LGBT Youth Scotland and your support will make a lasting difference to the lives of LGBTI young people across Scotland.

The Big Picture

Around 260 LGBTI young people attend our youth groups and we work with over 500 LGBTI young people across all our services in an average week.

In 2015 we delivered LGBTI training to more than 250 teachers and 1800 student teachers across Scotland.

13 organisations were awarded our LGBT Charter Mark in 2015, working in areas including health, education, domestic abuse and youthwork.

The number of young people using our services has tripled in the last 3 years while the available funding has decreased.

We need your help to make sure that we can meet the increasing demand for the support we provide to LGBTI young people in Scotland.

It costs £10 a month for a year to send one young person on a residential giving them the chance to push their boundaries, learn leadership skills and, for some, get respite from their day to day life. 
It costs £20 a month for one young person to attend a youth group giving them a safe space to make new friends, learn new skills and build their confidence.
It costs £50 a month for a young person to join the LGBT National Youth Council where they can find their voice and learn about campaigning and leadership increasing democratic engagement.


I can help, how do I sign up?

To become a friend sign up for a monthly donation. We've given example amounts above but we'll leave it to you to decide what you can afford to give - for as little as the cost of a coffee or day saver bus ticket you could help a young person get to a youth group.

Just download and complete our Standing Order Form and return it to us at LGBT Youth Scotland, 40 Commercial Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6JD.

Alternatively, you can set up your regular donation via our Virgin Money Giving site:

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving