About Us


The LGBT Domestic Abuse project works across Scotland to raise awareness of LGBT people's experiences of domestic abuse and improve service responses to those who experience domestic abuse and other forms of gender based violence.

The project is managed by LGBT Youth Scotland and supported by an advisory group of members from Scottish Women's Aid, the Women's Support Project, the Scottish Transgender Alliance and NHS Open Road.


We believe that every LGBT person experiencing domestic abuse has the right to receive a supportive service response regardless of which service provider they access.

We work to achieve this through:

  • Training

We work to increase mainstream and LGBT-specific organisations' knowledge and understanding of LGBT domestic abuse through tailored training sessions.

LGBT Domestic Abuse project training focuses on the unique aspects of abuse and the barriers to support some LGBT people may face in response to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Research

The project undertakes research and consultations with service providers and LGBT people to find out the unique experiences, support needs and additional support barries that may be faced by LGBT people experiencing gender based violence. 

  • Policy

We want to ensure that considerations of LGBT people's experiences of domestic abuse and other forms of gender based violence are mainstreamed into all work to tackle gender based violence in Scotland.

  • Awareness

The project aims to raise awareness of domestic abuse amongst LGBT people. One of the ways that it does this is through the service user areas of the website. 


Brandi Lee Lough Dennell
LGBT Domestic Abuse Project
(3/2) 30 Bell Street
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0141 552 7425