Why do I need training?

Training is an excellent way to build the confidence of your team to improve practice on issues affecting LGBT people and enable them to challenge discrimination.

“I feel a lot more confident now as I had nearly no knowledge on this subject. I feel I can handle this a lot better now.” North Ayrshire Council

Key staff are required to take part in LGBT awareness training for the LGBT Charter Mark.

Why have training with LGBT Youth Scotland?

LGBT Youth Scotland is an established provider of high quality training. We can offer tailored training for your organisation. Recent organisations trained by LGBT Youth Scotland include various NHS boards, 

We offer a series of training sessions on raising LGBT awareness, challenging homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia, mainstreaming equalities and LGBT rights, sexual health and relationships education, and including young people. We can also develop and deliver tailored training that directly meets the needs of your organisation, such as LGBT Domestic Abuse awareness training. Our training service aims to be as informal and interactive as possible and we always aim to meet participants at their level of understanding and knowledge.

As an example, the key learning objectives of our LGBT Awareness training module are to:

“I’m more aware of help and support available And ways to signpost young LGBT people to other information and help. The LGBT Charter will help to discuss issues and raise awareness.”
  • Build competence and confidence when addressing issues affecting LGBT people
  • Promote the inclusion and integration of LGBT identities into day to day services and the working environment;
  • Create an awareness of our own values and attitudes
  • Develop good practice to promote inclusive and positive citizenship.

Visit the training section of our website for more information on cost, content, or to arrange a consultation.

You can also email training@lgbtyouth.org.uk for more information.