LGBT Youth Scotland's Schools Charter

The LGBT Charter for Schools helps schools include LGBT young people. It shows LGBT learners that their school supports them to identify their rights. It helps schools look at policy, practice and legal obligations in the context of LGBT equality. We have created award standards for schools to work through which have been directly informed by the needs and views of LGBT young people in Scotland. 

By actively pursuing the The LGBT Charter for Schools, schools send a positive message to LGBT staff and learners that they are included, valued and supported, and will be treated fairly at school. It makes it clear to other learners that equality and diversity are central to the school ethos. This programme includes information on supporting and including trans young people. 

A member of staff at LGBT Youth Scotland will help you identify which Charter award will be best for you: foundations, bronze, silver or gold, and help guide you through the process. The foundations award is aimed at education authorities at a ‘corporate’ level, signalling readiness and a commitment to making progress towards LGBT equality in Education.

By displaying the LGBT Charter award, you will send a positive message to LGBT staff and pupils in your area that they safe, supported, included and will be treated fairly when they attend your school.