How To Get Your Charter Mark

We have made it easy for you to see how you can mainstream LGBT equality into your organisation to ensure that LGBT people who engage with you can feel confident that they will be included, valued and supported. The easy to use LGBT Charter Awards Standards checklist and support from LGBT Youth Scotland staff will guide you on what steps to take working toward LGBT equality. 


If you haven't already done so, visit the register page of this section of the website to view the charging structure for the Charter and to register. You will be supported through the process and will be assigned a Charter Liaison from LGBT Youth Scotland. This will likely be a member of staff working in your geographical area.


It is important that you identify a Champion for the LGBT Charter who will be responsible for taking the work forward, be a contact for anyone enquiring about the LGBT Charter and of course, be the main contact in your organisation for LGBT Youth Scotland.


The main body of your work working toward the LGBT Charter mark is completing each of the steps in the Awards Standards checklist. This shows the measures you should take to mainstream LGBT issues into your organisation resulting in a more diverse and inclusive organisation for LGBT people. The measures in the checklist reflect the needs of LGBT people as highlighted in the LGBT Charter of Rights. The checklist incorporates the recommendations that LGBT people made when creating the LGBT Charter of Rights. It is in essence the voice of the LGBT people that we work with.

You will put together your LGBT Charter portfolio by evidencing all of the steps of the LGBT Charter as thoroughly as you can. 


Once you have completed all of the targets in the LGBT Charter toolkit you should contact your Charter Liaison at LGBT Youth Scotland. You will be required to collate all of the evidence that you have for your Charter portfolio submission. Your Charter submission will be assessed and you will be contacted should there be anything missing or if we have any recommendations to make to you before you receive your LGBT Charter award.

On satisfactory completion of your targets you will be awarded your LGBT Charter award. You will receive a certificate to mark your achievements and you will also have the use of the LGBT Charter logo.


Your LGBT Charter mark will be continuously assessed and will be revisited two years from the date of award in order that you continue to work towards LGBT equality. After four years, it will be time to take steps to renew your award. 

You will be kept up to date of any new legislation in terms of LGBT equality with a Charter newsletter/e-bulletin along with any other news regarding the LGBT Charter. There will be the opportunity for all LGBT Charter clients to attend events involving the LGBT Charter throughout the year.