Annadale and Eskdale Community Learning and Development had a strong focus on outreach to ensure that they understood the needs of LGBT people and in raising awareness for others of LGBT identities.  As part of a large community survey designed for people living in Moffat, they included robust monitoring information in order that the specific experiences of LGBT and other groups could be analysed.  When the survey was analysed, this meant that they had a better understanding of what a percentage of the LGBT population ‘looked’ like and a better awareness of their needs within the community.

During LGBT History Month, the department ran topical quizzes in each of their community groups. As a result of introducing discussions on LGBT people as part of the quiz in a women’s community group, two members came out to them. The service then worked with the two service users to discuss any specific needs that they may have. By showing leadership in bringing LGBT identities into the group, they provided a message to members that it was safe to identify as LGB or T within that space.

In identifying gaps in health provision within the area, the department has funded Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) to undertake a health project for men who have sex with men (MSM). The steering group includes LGBT and health organisations. While developing the project, the department undertook a specific impact assessment and involved the centre and THT to share their knowledge and expertise.